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How do I use a rubric to grade submissions in SpeedGrader?

How do I use a rubric to grade submissions in SpeedGrader?

If you have added a rubric to an assignment, you can assess the rubric in SpeedGrader.

Use Rubric for Grading

If you want to use the rubric to calculate a grade, be sure you have selected the Use this rubric for assignment grading checkbox when adding a rubric to an assignment. Make sure this checkbox is selected before you begin grading submissions.

If you do not select the rubric specifically for grading, you can still use the rubric to evaluate an assignment but the score will not update automatically.

Outcomes Extra Credit

If your rubric includes outcomes, you may be able to assign extra points for the outcome criterion if this feature is enabled for your course. Learn how to manage feature options in the course features lesson.


  • If your rubric does not contain any predetermined rubric criteria, you should grade the rubric using free-form comments.
  • If your rubric does not contain any point values, you should grade the rubric as a non-scoring rubric.

Open SpeedGrader

Open SpeedGrader

Open SpeedGrader from any assignment, graded discussion, or quiz.

Open Student Submission

Open Student Submission

Use the student list to locate a student submission.

View Rubric

View Rubric

Click the View Rubric button.

Resize Rubric

To view the entire rubric window, you may need to scroll both vertically and horizontally. To resize the rubric window, click and drag the sizing column horizontally.

Complete Rubric

Complete Rubric

For each criterion, click the rating that applies to the student's submission [1]. The selected rating displays the rating value in the Points field [2]. If a criterion includes a range, clicking a rating selects the entire range and defaults to the highest value in the range [3].

To select a different value within a range, type the value into the Points (pts) field [4]. You can manually enter points above the criterion maximum point value. Each criterion value adds to the student's total points [5].

Outcomes may also be able to support additional points. If additional points on outcomes are not retained after the rubric is saved, this feature has not been enabled for your course.

You can also add a comment for each rubric criterion by clicking the Comment icon [6].

Save Rubric

Save Rubric

Click the Save button.

View Score

View Score

If you set your rubric for grading, the rubric points will be automatically populated in the grade field. Otherwise, you can enter the grade from the rubric manually.


I'm not sure I understand this.

@mbsoren What specific questions do you still have about SpeedGrader? Let us know and we can help you out!


- Nathan

I created a rubric on the rubric page, selected "use this rubric for grading" on a graded discussion page, and then selected the appropriate rubric. However, when I go into the speed grader the rubric is not auto populating the score. Is there a way to make this happen? Deleting the rubric from the assignment page and re-uploading hasn't worked.

Hi @kpuckett,

Just to make sure I understand correctly, you are entering scores in the rubric but the total is not displaying in the Grade field? If available to you, I would suggest using the Report a Problem link from the Help menu so our support staff can look into this.


I am also experiencing the issue with rubrics not auto populating the score box. I select the box in the rubric, hit save, and the score is still 0.

I got some help from someone in my district. Turns your there is a box that requires a check in order to auto populate. Above the rubric, click the pencil, continue with the edit, select the box that says "use this rubric for assignment grading."

It seems redundant. If we select a rubric for an assignment, why wouldn't we want to use it for grading. 

Hi @stanlts,

Thanks for following up. If you feel Canvas would be improved by changing functionality for this, you're welcome to create a feature idea. Feature ideas are a great way to suggest changes to functionality and they allow other Canvas users across the globe to promote and talk about the idea. 


This was my first time using a rubric, so I didn't know I needed to check a box to choose it for grading after I selected it to use for the assignment (seems redundant to me, and odd that it won't be checked by default). so I foolishly started grading, noticed the scores weren't populating, found out I needed to check that "Use this rubric for assignment grading" box, went to do it - but the box is gone. How can I fix this and use the scores I've already entered into the rubric (without having to copy them manually)?

EDIT: Nevermind, it's because I can't use it to grade the assignment since I have it set up as a quiz. I find it easier to grade short writing assignments if I set them up as quizzes (rather than as a text submission) and even though I can use the rubric, it won't let me use that as the score for a quiz! Not sure why this won't be allowed as an overwrite for the quiz score, but fine. I also can't seem to use a rubric to grade a quiz question - is that not an option? So if I have a long exam (that would be set up as a quiz) I can't use rubrics to grade the individual questions? Or am I missing where that option is?

Hi @Nlevin13,

I am not aware of an existing functionality to grade a single quiz question with a rubric. Looks like there is an existing idea conversation open that relates to that. 


I often create rubrics to grade homeworks and midterms. However, I was wondering if it's possible to view grades of all students based on my rubrics? Basically, like in Grades window, but the columns indicate points in each rubric category, and I can view all students.

Hi @AbliusKarfax,

Currently, it's not possible to view rubric results for multiple students at once. If you think Canvas could be improved by adding that functionality, you can create a feature idea. Feature ideas allow other Canvas Community users to more easily find, support, and add their thoughts to the idea. To learn more about feature ideas, check out these guides: How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community? and How do idea conversations work in the Canvas Community?


Is there a way to add a rubric you created in Canvas to an assignment that you created that involved using a google slide (External Google Tool LTI) without recreating the rubric in Google?  


Rubrics can only be added to assignments that use the Online or On Paper submission types. So you could technically add the rubric before you make the assignment into an External Tool submission type. But once you start using the external tool, you are limited to the features contained within that tool.


Is there a way to force the rubric to automatically display?  If I am grading an assignment, I want the rubric to open up automatically when I advance to the next student, as the only way I would be grading the assignment is with the rubric.  Pressing the "view rubric" is just one extra step that takes time.


Thanks for adding your question. It's currently not possible to set rubrics so they automatically display. If this is something you feel should be added to Canvas, you could add a feature idea to suggest that functionality.


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