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SBG - A standards / outcomes based assessment group

I'm looking at the Canvas Groups, Studio, etc, and trying to find out how to best collaborate with others who are using Outcomes in Canvas to do "Standards Based Grading"/"Standards Based Assessment" in their classes/schools.

Is there any way to get Canvas to create a group for Outcomes Based Assessment? I would be happy to join one. Anyone else interested?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi ltrampleasure

We already have the Focus Group: Outcomes‌ group in Canvas.  Have you checked them out?


Community Participant

Thanks. I didn't find it in my earlier search, but followed your link and asked to join 🙂

Lee,  Did you find Focus Group: Outcomes  to be what you wanted? Did you find another group? I am looking for a group that specifically looks at ways to make SBG work in Canvas.  There are a lot of districts around me with the same questions.  Canvas is real close to what we need, but there always seems to be some roadblocks. For example, we need Canvas to hide the percentages in the final columns of the traditional gradebook.  These percentages are confusing for everyone.  I'd love to talk about what your district is doing with SBG in Canvas this past school year, and what your plans are for the future.