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SCORM and Camtasia Graded Quizzes. How often can students take the quizzes?

As my Header states, I'm uploading videos for asynchronous course delivery.  I've placed a graded quiz at the end.  The quiz shows up in assignments.  When I test the quiz within Canvas, I can take it as many times as I want.  I want the students to take it only once.  Are they only allowed to take it once or can they take it multiple times?  I can't find a setting to change this. 

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Community Team

Hi Steven,

It looks like you are utilizing content uploaded to Canvas such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint and Softchalk lessons, as opposed to content created using Canvas native tools (which is fine).  However I am not personally familiar with Softchalk or Camtasia so I cannot advise you there.  I can tell you that if you build quizzes using the Canvas quiz tool you can control how many attempts the students can be allowed.