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SCORM - is SCORM cloud the only option?

I was under the impression that Canvas had its own SCORM capabilities rather than having to pay a fairly high price for SCORM Cloud. Is this the case? 
Can someone send me some easy steps to pass onto our IT guys if there is a way to turn in on?

I cant afford a paid version of SCORM Cloud. 

I have made some H5P content on wordpress, exported it as a SCORM package and want to make the most of some cool interactive videos and presentations. I also cant afford the $5000 per year for H5P hosting!


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I upload scorm by turning on the scorm setting in the menu. uploading the zipped file and it adds it to an assignment page. not sure if that helps you at all but just sharing what I know. goodluck

How can I enable SCORM in menu, I am not able to see SCORM in navigation tab in setting.

I am using live only.

Thank you