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I would love your help/advice/tips on the policies that our programme will need - particularly anything around safeguarding and data protection.

The programme is completely online. We offer an introduction to business course to pupils aged 15-19. The course is an add-on and does not take the place of their main institution. The course also predominantly targets international students.

Teaching will be delivered in a variety of ways, including: live teaching; group discussions (which may not include the teacher and could be written or live video chats - obvious safeguarding issues); recorded videos; written tasks.

Any advice you have in the policies and settings in Canvas we may need to consider for the online delivery of the course would be much appreciated. Particularly in order to help safeguard younger learners aged 18 and under.

Many thanks!

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Community Team
Community Team

@JamesCarr Thank you for reaching out to your community for support!

Here is a link to our Privacy policy which may be helpful as well as our information regarding our Security Program. Many institutions have a variety of needs so to best support you, I recommend reaching out to your Canvas team to determine what would be best for your institution.

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