Samuel Igwubor CA SBA01 DRAMA TASK050 2nd Attempt And Extension

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Dear Teneo Family Portal Staff,

I am writing to request an extension for my CA SBA01 DRAMA TASK050. As a Grade 7 student, I was in the process of submitting my assignment before the deadline. Unfortunately, I encountered a technical issue that prevented me from submitting my work. Specifically, at 16:01, when I attempted to submit my work, I was unable to do so due to a Live support functionality that closed unexpectedly.

Despite my best efforts, the exam was locked, and I was unable to submit the work that I had already completed. I was unable to submit the assignment earlier due to the slow loading of the Canvas system.

I would respectfully request an extension to enable me to submit my SBA. Thank you for your consideration.

Samuel Igwubor

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Community Coach

Hi @SamuelIgwubor 

Welcome to the Canvas Community.  This is a public discussion board for Canvas users from different schools all over the world.  

I'm afraid this is not the "Teneo Family Portal", and the people in this forum have no connection to your school and no specific information about your course or assignment. 

The Teneo Family Portal appears to be at , and you will want to open a ticket there if you have questions or problems with course materials.

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