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I would like to link to Pages in Assignments. I want to set up Assignments in advance to be visible to students at later times. However, if I publish the Pages that are linked in these Assignments, students can access them early by going directly to View All Pages.

Is there a way to schedule when a Page gets published (similar to how an Assignment can be available starting at a certain day / time)?

Right now I am manually setting alarms to publish Pages that are linked in Assignments right before the Assignment becomes available.

Thank you!

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This feature is available now! This is a feature option that will need to be enabled at the account/subaccount level to be available in courses.

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To tag on to what @abbyrosensweig shared, the instructions on how to schedule Pages to be published can also be found in this Guide:

How do I publish or unpublish a page as an instructor?

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If you are an admin, you can enable this feature by clicking Admin>Settings>Feature Options>Scheduled Page Publication>Change Red X into Green Check Mark.

You can then schedule your page to publish by going to the page, clicking Edit and placing a date under Publish At.

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