Scheduled Teams Meetings via Canvas Calendar keep Disappearing

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Hello, I'm a teacher using Canvas and Microsoft Teams to teach online. Last week I scheduled a class meeting in Teams via the Canvas calendar for every day this month. This morning all the links on B days were missing from the Canvas calendar. I created the links again. Around noon they disappeared and I had to create them again. Today was an A day and the link worked fine all day, but sometime in the afternoon the A day link for today disappeared from the calendar. Today's link was set up from 8am to 3pm, and students could click on it anytime. About 5 minutes before each class I went into the Teams app and admitted all the people waiting in the lobby. I think what's happening on Canvas is somehow students are able to delete the meetings from their calendar, which takes it off EVERYONE'S calendar. 

How can I make sure students can click on the calendar link but not edit or delete it? 

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