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can canvas check and score a quiz with math inputs automatically

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Canvas can automatically score numeric responses written in decimal form automatically. It does not understand fractions. It will accept scientific notation using the e notation (for example, 1.25e-2). It is locale aware, so countries that use a comma for a decimal point and a period for a separator are recognized (1.000.325,79)

Simple symbolic responses can be graded using fill in the blank questions, but it is not ideal as the instructor has to account for all possible responses either explicitly or by using regular expressions (New Quizzes only). For example, if your instructions are to factor x²-5x-6, then you have to allow for both (x-6)(x+1) and (x+1)(x-6) as well as any other variation you would accept like spaces around one or both sides of the operand or a space or * in between the two factors.

If you want students to incorporate symbolic math using the equation editor within an essay question, then no, this cannot be automatically graded by Canvas.

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