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I as a student have recently changed sections from 2 to 1 for the same class, but as canvas course shells are different for different sections,   my grades are missing for completed work such as quizzes, midterm, etc in the new course section shell. 

If I revert back to the original section, will the grades automatically come back or would I still have ask the instructor or IT for assistance in recovering the grades? 

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@AjmainTayieb -

If I understand you correctly, there are 2 canvas courses.  One for section1 and one for section2.  You moved from section1 to section2 or vice-versa.  In doing so, you are correct in that your grades are in the original section and not the new one.  If the assignments are the same between the sections, the instructors can pass the grades between themselves.  

In answer to your question about getting your scores back if you go to the other section.  Yes. Once you are added back into the section your grades will come back.


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