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Separate timers for question banks sections within one test/ sound notifications for timer

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Some of our math teachers think it would be greatly beneficial to time out a certain section of the test without having students do two separate tests. We'd like to have one proctoring session for the entire test, but separate time limits for question groups.

Is it possible to have a feature that would add a setting for question groups that would give them a time limit for those questions? Say I had 20 questions pulled from a question bank and I chose the options for how many questions, and how many points per question, along with a setting for how long for those questions. Then I can add another question group with a separate time limit for another set of questions pulled from a question bank. Essentially, it would create two different sections of the test and after the first section timed out, the test would automatically go to the second section. You wouldn't necessarily have a time limit for the entire test, just for those question bank sections within the test.

If this is something that is not possible, could the notifications for the test timer that pop up (30 minutes left, 5 minutes, 1 minute) have a sound alert instead of just briefly popping up on the screen? Even having the student click a button to "OK" that they have seen that timer notification would be helpful, as often students don't realize how much time is left while working math problems on paper since they are looking away from the computer screen.


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Hi @rSprings1 and @BlackyMia

Unfortunately, these are not available options on our quizzing tools. 
I would advise you to open a feature request for this.

Here are guides on how the idea conversations work.

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