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Setting up Google SAML for SSO

I got all the way through the Canvas guide but the last step is not correctly labeled and I think that's my issue. See screen shots. What goes in that field?

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Hi aklevorn, 

I was just struggling with this as well. I figured out that they are looking for details from the initial SAML setup screens from the Google Admin Console. To see these from the GAC:

  1. Open the SAML Apps area. 
  2. Open the Canvas SAML propertied
  3. Expand the "Service provider details" section. 
  4. Click on the "Manage Certificates" button
  5. GoogleSSO.png
  6. Copy and paste the "SSO URL" and the "Entity ID" information into the Authentication areas in Canvas. 


Once I did this, Google started authenticating users in Canvas. 

Also, there are 2 logins for your Canvas environment. 

https://<Your Environment Name> - This is for manual logins. This works as a backdoor in the case your SSO is hosed. 

- https://<Your Environment Name> - This is your SSO login.


I hope this helps. 


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