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Setting up program outcomes for assessment

The community college I work for has is starting the process of adding outcomes into Canvas on the program level to be used for assessment purposes. I think I have figured the how question out, but wanted to know if anyone has suggestions on things to avoid in this process, or things that may not be obvious but should be done during set up. I welcome all advice!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @kmather ...

We are just starting to look at using the Outcomes tool in Canvas...both at the account level and at the course level.  We have a set of "Career and Life Skills" (separated into five groups of four items each) that we have created at the Canvas account level.  Then, at the course level, we have been exploring adding Learning Objectives for each Learning Plan (module) that will be used as the criteria in Canvas rubrics.  I've recently been exploring the CSV file option to import Outcomes into Canvas because entering them one-by-one would be (and is) very time-consuming.  I've been using @James Jones' "Canvancement" (Canvas Enhancement) called Importing Rubrics from a Spreadsheet - Canvas Community to quickly create rubrics, and it's been a real time saver.  He has even helped me understand how I can also include Outcomes that have already been created in a course in his spreadsheet so that I can still quickly create rubrics in courses.

I know this isn't directly answering your question, but I thought I would post a response since we are also just beginning to explore Outcomes more at our Technical College.  Hope this helps a bit.

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Thank you so much I will definitely check this out, it is so time consuming.