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Sharing Student assignments with Another Teacher

How do I share my student assignments with another teacher in the same class?

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Community Coach

Hello  @patricia_handle ...

I am not sure I completely understand your question.  If you and your colleague are both enrolled in the same Canvas course with the "Teacher" role, then you both should be able to access the submissions of your students without issue.  I hope I am interpreting your question correctly, but if not, could you please provide some additional detail?  Thanks, and looking forward to hearing back from you soon, Patricia.

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I am not a teacher, I'm a therapist, and the classroom teacher for my students is not enrolled under my caseload. I have one student in particular that I would like to share lesson plans with her classroom teacher but not sure how to do that or if she can see them when she logs into Canvas.

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Hi Patricia and welcome to the Community!

The good news is that it looks like St Lucie's policy included both allowing people who have the assigned role of teacher in Canvas to both create new courses and send email invitations to add people to their course rosters.  So you could either start a new course for the purpose of communicating with teachers or you could add this teacher to one of your courses.  To create a new course, look for the "Start a new course" button on your dashboard when logged in.  To add someone to your existing or new course, please see 

Similar situation.  I provide support facilitation to sixth thru eighth grade students.  I push in virtually to general education classrooms.  Looking for best practices to implement.  

Hi, I actually have the OPPOSITE question but thought I could reverse engineer my problem with help here. I see two other teachers' class in a different section than mine and don't want to. The first two weeks of school, before I knew my students' names, I actually graded another teacher's work!
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