Sizing image for course card on dash board

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How do I size an image for the course card on the dash board?

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Hello  @joanne_pacheco ...

Canvas doesn't include any built-in tools to re-size images for your Course Cards on the Dashboard.  Canvas isn't a graphics editing software.  Assuming that you've taken a look at this Guide, How do I add an image to a course card in the Dashboard?, any image editing would need to be done in an off-line setting on your computer.  For example, if you are using Windows, you could use something as simple as the "Paint" program/app to resize your image.  Or, if you have access to the Adobe suite of products, you could use something more complicated like Photoshop.  Or, there's a similar open source product called Gimp which some people like to use.  It's really up to you as to what software you want to use.  Then, just following the instructions in the Guide I provided to upload your image.

I hope these resources will be of help to you, Joanne.  Sing out if you have any questions...thanks!

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