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Has anyone found a way to use speech-to-text in the text boxes within Canvas? I have tried using Texthelp's Read&Write extension's Talk&Type option but no text appears in the text box. I am trying to provide supports for student with disabilities to participate in discussions with minimal extra steps. The current workaround is to use Voice Typing or Talk&Type in a Google Doc and then paste it into the text box within Canvas. Would love a solution that works within Canvas.

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Panda Pros
Panda Pros

Hello,  @cballantyne   and welcome to the Community.  I'm sorry that it has taken so long for you to get an answer.  A question similar to yours was answered earlier: Text-to-Speech Tool .

I tested the option on the mobile app  as a student.  It's a little bit of a work-around, especially since the page has to be built on the Internet-based computer, and edited on the mobile app.  The guide to this can be found here https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-4048 .

Best of luck!

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