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Speed Grader Audio Functionality Not Working

Hello everyone, I'm an instructor. I'm trying to use audio feedback with my microphone to student assignments via speed grader. The issue I'm having is tha:

1-I have a assignment selected and a specific student's submissions in front of me. I begin recording an audio comment..

2-WHILE I am recording that comment (the audio recording window is a  pop-up that is hovering over the grayed-out background) I notice that in the background the student that is selected randomly changes to a random different student.

3-I have no ability to return to the student I was meant to leave a comment  for, because while I'm recording the background is grayed out and I have to save the recording before I can do anything else. However, when I save the recording, it leaves the comment on whatever random student it decided to change it to.

Can someone please help me with this? this is very strange.

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