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I have a course with only 37 students. Why must I select a group when trying to access Speedgrader from an individual (not group-based) Assignment? I should be able to open the submitted file and grade students in what ever order I choose. If I want to find a student, I want to have the entire course roster viewable. Going through all groups to find a specific student is a nuisance.

Students submit assignments at different times. It would also help to be able to get into Speedgrader and start grading just the submitted files without having to move through all student names to find those that submitted their assignments.

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Hello @PMH

If the assignment is not a group assignment, you very likely have the course setting in place to "launch speedgrader by student group" This is intended for large courses and you should disable it on yours. Go to course settings - scroll to the bottom - more options. Here is the Canvas guide:


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