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Speedgrader shows "Submitted:no submission time" but nothing is submitted?

When I am using Speedgrader, it will show in the grading column, "Submitted: no submission time."  However, in the submission column, it says, "This student does not have a submission for this assignment."  And, in the drop down roster, it shows orange dots, indicating something is submitted, even though it isn't.  This isn't affecting every student.

When it is a discussion, I have double checked that the students have actually not participated, and they haven't.


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Hello @elizabethanson

Thanks for posting this in the global Canvas Community.

I am not sure if you found our what was causing this. I am replying back to this just in case.

The orange dot in speedgrader indicates that an assignment has not been graded or has been re-submitted in most cases. That is very odd that it is showing "Submitted: no submission time" and "This student does not have a submission for this assignment."

it sounds like there might be something going on with the assignment or the way it has been configured. Have you reached out to Canvas support on this yet? They might be able to tell why you are seeing that in speedgrader. They would just need to have you provide them with a link to the assignment in your course and the name of the student(s) you are seeing that with.

Let us know what you find out on this!