Speedgrader studio media screen capture features

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As excited as our team is, for the release of Speedgrader's studio media screen capture and auto-captioning, we are curious about two things:

1. Will this feature be available to all Canvas clients, or will this require an additional add-on?

2. Can the screen capture feedback submitted for one student, be saved/archived with the intention of creating a library of tutorial videos for students?

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Community Coach

Hi @Daniel_OConnor ...

I wonder if you should post these questions over on the link within the Canvas Release Notes (2024-06-15) - Instructure Community - 604239 (canvaslms.com)?  If you go to this link, just above the "Table of Contents" heading, there is a link for Feature Q&A: Canvas Release Notes (2024-06-15) - Instructure Community - 604295 (canvaslms.com) ... or just use the link I pasted.  That is where discussions are happening for this particular set of Release Notes.

Hope this helps!

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