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How do I stop the syllabus page from redirecting to a previous course?  I hide the PAGES option but that doesn't work.

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Hi Chris -- thanks for your rapid response.  I found that on the PAGES page there was content for the HOME page and the SYLLABUS page, and both were redirecting to the 2016 Canvas course page, I presume because the url in the redirect app was still pointing to the old course page.  I didn't want to update the url in the app (in fact, I couldn't find what the current url was for my 2022 course page...), I just wanted to delete this redirect function.  In the apps view I found the gear symbol for the Syllabus, and instead of editing it I just deleted it (I didn't see the delete option at first...).  That corrected the problem and I simply pasted in my current syllabus information on the Syllabus page.


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