Notification Bubbles Not Showing Up for Student

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I am working with a student who is claiming that his notification bubbles are not popping up in Canvas whenever a new announcement is made in his course. Furthermore, he gave that he turned on the setting where new announcements will be immediately sent to his email, but unfortunately the announcements are not sending. He said that he can check the announcements manually but would like the notification bubbles to pop up and message to be sent to his email when new announcements are made.

For clarity purposes what I mean by notification bubbles are the round blue icons that have a number in the center of them that show up over the megaphone icon before you enter the course right before you enter Canvas.

Is there a setting that he needs to enable to get these bubbles back and that also sends his announcements to his email?

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Community Coach

Hi @CodyLafflin ,

That seems like a really weird situation.  Can you confirm that the student has an active enrollment, and not a concluded one?  The behavior you're describing seems like what would happen if the course or enrollment is concluded (either by hitting a conclude button for the student, or the student being in a section that has concluded by date) but your school allows concluded students to continue to access the course in read-only mode.

if that's not the case, this might be something Canvas Support would have to look into.


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