Struggling With Ease of Use with Standards Based Grading

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Hi all,

I'm a 9th grade teacher, but my issue is germane for my students as well. My department and eventually my school are adopting standards based grading, but the information that's been shared with me feel extremely clunky in terms of inputting grades and communicating them to students.

Right now, my biggest issue is that I use rubrics attached to outcomes in order to grade each assignment, but then I have to copy the Learning Mastery score from each standard into the Standards gradebook manually, which leaves room for error since I'm dealing with a lot of numbers back and forth between tabs, and it's incredibly time consuming since I essentially have to input grades twice whenever an assignment is turned in.

I understand that SBG is supposed to de-emphasize grades and emphasize learning/skill development, but with where my school is at, I need to be able to clearly and easily communicate grades to my students. If anyone has any advice for streamlining the process of scoring an assignment and turning it into a grade that students can quickly and easily understand, I would greatly appreciate it!

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