Student Course/Teacher Evaluations for Spring 2020

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Because of the COVID-19 situation and our college moving practically overnight to fully online, I am sure many of you can relate, I am wondering how other HE will have students evaluate teachers and courses?  We normally use SCALES but I don't think it's appropriate given the circumstances.  Has anyone come up with a valid survey to get non-bias feedback from students?

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Hi  @ssynan 

Because there is no single correct answer to your question, I have changed it to a Discussion.

While there are many tools out there for adding course evaluations to Canvas, you are still left with determining what questions should be drafted to better evaluate a course in an online environment. Every school struggles with this. Hopefully, folks will join this discussion with examples to help you draft yours. I suspect that since your school already offered online courses before transitioning to all online courses, that they may have already developed an online solution.

I recently retired, and no longer have access to the question sets we developed, but I can tell you that we used two sets - 1) the course itself, and 2) the instructor.


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