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Student Teachers and roles

How are others adding student teachers into Canvas? (College students doing their practicum in a public school)  How are you setting their roles?  They are not considered an "employee" yet to have an experience like a teacher, they would have access to a lot of information.


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Hi @karmin_ricker 

We have always given them the role of teacher so that they can actively participate as a teacher, which is the purpose of an Practicum.

We provide Title IX/FERPA orientation and make them sign a non-disclosure agreement. This role is permitted under both regulations.



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Community Coach

Hello there, @karmin_ricker ...

We don't typically have student teachers at our school.  However, in addition to the great help you've already received from my friend, @KelleyMeeusen, you could also speak to your school's local Canvas administrator (maybe you are the Canvas admin?) about this.  My thought would be to create a custom role called "Student Teacher" (or whatever name you wanted to give it).  Base the role off of the "Teacher" role type, and then configure that new custom role with the permissions you want turned on/off for that "Student Teacher" role.  That way, you have some extra control and comfort knowing that a "Student Teacher" role wouldn't have access to everything a normal "Teacher" role would have...if that is the direction you want to go.  Here are some admin Guides that should help.