Student View on the home screen is no longer there.

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I just noticed that the Student View option is no longer on the right side of the Home screen. Would it be possible to put it there again? It is very beneficial because I use that button frequently to show my students how to complete and submit work. I did find the Student View option although now, it is somewhat cumbersome to get to. You now have to hit settings on the bottom left and then click on student view. Thank you for looking into this for me.

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Hi @tmclain

Instructure recently pushed out an update to Canvas that moved the button for Student View on the home page to the top and made it an icon button.  It looks like a pair of glasses.  Also, it's now available on many other pages so that you don't have to go to the home page to turn it on. At least, as long as the page is published for student view. 

See this guide.


You can read about the update here.


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