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Student created groups

Students need to create groups of around 6 people to create a "Book Group". Students are free to choose any book on the subject that interests them. How can someone who is interested in a particular book advertise and invite others to be in a group with them? Conversely, how can students find others they would like to work with all semester and then agree on a book to read as a group?

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Community Coach

Good evening, @kbreeding1 ...

Sorry to see that your question has been sitting here unanswered for such a long time.  Students may or may not be able to create groups within a course on their own.  This is a setting that you, as the instructor, would be able to control.  Here is the Guide for students: How do I create a group as a student?  The instructions for allowing students to create their own groups is detailed in How do I set details for a course? (look at the section near the bottom called "View More Options").

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions.  Take care, stay safe, and be well.