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Student viewing in New Quizzes

I do not like how I cannot restrict students from viewing the correct answers on assessments. Under the "classic" quiz function, I can choose dates and times for the correct answers to be viewed and then uncheck it. 

New quiz function doesn't give me that option. What do I do with exams and students completing them and knowing the correct answers and then sharing them with students who haven't yet taken the exam.

I find it illogical and nonsensical that Canvas would take options that are functioning perfectly fine in the current quiz mode and make stupid changes that adds more works to instructors, restricts their ability to protect their assessment from cheating and plagiarizing, and add 5 more steps when it used to take 1 or 2. 

If someone could please explain the logic behind this, I would appreciate it. 

This is a real concern and a headache.  

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Hello @JanilynKocher 

Thanks for posting this in the global Canvas Community! I am sorry that you are having difficulties with New Quizzes in Canvas. 

I know that there is an option within the build screen that allows you to "restrict students results view." Within the build screen, under settings, you can restrict things such as awarded points, possible points, correct answers with incorrect answers, and item feedback. 

I am including THIS guide that goes over this information. 

Hopefully this helps! 


Thanks for the information. I was aware of those controls, but it remains difficult to maneuver. Under the original quiz settings, you could set dates and times for students to be able to see the correct information, etc,  then shut off their access.

The following is not directed at you, but at the Canvas admin people.

Now, you have to go in, set up the restrictions, then uncheck those afterward, which is ungainly, awkward, clunky, and just plain illogical. WHY make the task harder than it was???!! I really don't understand the "logic" of changing this function and making it more difficult for faculty. Who the hell has time to go back in and reset the parameters for each and every assessment in each and every class??!! Canvas admins, pay attention.  

This becomes problematic as students have unlimited access to test answers and questions until the instructor shuts it off. I am a very busy person who doesn't need this additional task, when for years, it has been easy to manage. 

I am very  irritated and frustrated when "changes" that are "new and improved" make it more onerous and harder for teachers to do our jobs. With so much online instruction, Canvas needs to start LISTENING and then doing!! Bring back the dates/times functions in your New Quizzes and quit making 15 extra steps for all of us.

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