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I have students who are missing the BEGIN  button to start an assignment.  It is not all of them, just one or two for different assignments.  I have tried doing some troubleshooting with them (refresh, log out then back in, etc.) but nothing seems to work.  Please help so I can advise them on what to do.  Thank you in advance!

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Thank you for sharing that screenshot.  From what I can tell, it looks like the screenshot is from accessing the assignment through the "Grades" screen.  Students do not begin an assignment through the "Grades" screen.  Rather, they would access the assignment through either the "Assignments" course navigation button or through the assignment listed on your "Modules" page.  Once they see the details of your assignment (the directions and a rubric below it...if you are using rubrics), then there should be a button to begin the described in this Guide:

How do I submit an online assignment? - Instructure Community (

Note, the actual button appears to be "Start Assignment" rather than "Begin" (or similar wording).

Now, if you are possibly using the newer Enhanced Assignments view, the process for submitting work to you is a bit different for students...which is detailed here:

How do I submit an online assignment in a course u... - Instructure Community (

I hope these Guides will help to clear up any confusion your students may have.  Keep us posted...thanks!

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