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Students unable to view documents associated with imported quiz

I imported a quiz (QTI file) exported from another Canvas course. Each question on the quiz is supposed to "file preview" a document (a PDF) on which the question is based. When I open the quiz in preview mode, it works just fine; the documents appear in the question box.

But when I open the quiz in "student view" (or when a student opens the quiz), instead of a file preview, I see "The document preview is currently being processed. Please try again later." If I click the download button for the document, Canvas says, "The folder '[folder name]' which includes this file, has been locked."

I went into Files>Quiz Files to examine the documents. All of the files associated with the quiz are set to "Only available to students with link." Clicking Publish>Update does nothing; the files remain "Only available to students with link."


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Hi @murphys_law 

It is most likely just that those files remain in the other course, to which you students don't have access. Import those files too, and it should work just fine.


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Thanks for the quick reply, @kmeeusen. All of the files are in the folder Files>Quiz Files>[name of quiz]. Where should they be?

I am at a loss then, and remove the "solution" tag on my post in hopes that someone else knows better.

Many apologies!