Submit test button not working - attempts still available/delay in response

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Thanks - first time posting here so I hope I did it correctly.

My test had 3 available attempts.  The first submission processed correctly, but when I completed the second attempt (answered all questions) and pressed the submit button, the test never submitted.  I reloaded the main test page, and it still only showed the first attempt. I again completed attempt two and the same thing happened after I answered all the questions - hit submit, and the button faded slightly and sat.  For many hours.  

Fortunately, I emailed my instructor and she accepted my revised answers for the two incorrect questions in the first attempt, so ,y grade was not impacted,

However, I submitted a CRITICAL help ticket to Canvas support and did not receive a response for four days, and there was no resolution - they only asked my instructor for information!  How should this have worked and what is the issue with the support delay?  

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