Suggestion: add checkbox for 'sync w/ SIS' to modules page/option on each page in module

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Suggestion: create a second check box on the module for each page (to the left of the 'published' check box) to indicate whether it is to be included in the sync to SIS action 

It is exceedingly laborious and tedious to go into, edit and change EACH page, times each module times each quarter.  If there were check boxes on the main module page, it would make things infinitely more streamlined. 




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@barrdodds_judy ...

I see that you have already posted this same topic over in a different area of the Community website:

How to submit a suggestion to creators of Instruct... - Instructure Community (

Your posting here, in the "Community Hub" space, is more geared towards how this Community site works and how to use it.  Hopefully the responses you've received in the thread I've linked above will be helpful to you in some way.

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