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Table/Page Setup Issues-HELP!

When I create a page and insert a table with images it looks great in the content editor and when I save the page. However, when a set the page as the home page the table formatting is messed up and there are giant spaces between the rows on the table. How do I eliminate these spaces?

Previous troubleshooting measures:
-Adjusted the percentage to 97%
-Adjusted the percentage to 98%
-Adjusted the percentage to 100%
-Adjusted in HTML editor to <tr/>

NOTHING is working! The first screenshot is of the page when I save in pages (desired look), the second is when I set it to the home page.

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 9.49.28 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-06-25 at 9.49.39 AM.png


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Good morning, @JordanBaysore ...

Normally, tables are used to hold data, but I do recognize that some folks like to use table for layout purposes as they are designing their pages.  Have you tried any options that do not use tables at all?  Here is what I am envisioning...

  • Your top and bottom banners are a fixed height and width.  (For example, 200 pixels high, 900 pixels wide)
  • Your three image buttons in the middle row are also fixed in height and width.  (For example, 200 pixels high, 300 pixels wide)

Once you have those images read to go, create your page without tables...first add the top banner, then add the three button images side-by-side in the next line, and then the bottom banner in the next line.  To avoid some of the white space that is normally placed after you hit Enter, you may be able to press Shift+Enter after the top banner and after the third button in your middle row.

Do you think this might be an acceptable work-around for your needs?

Community Team
Community Team

@JordanBaysore  @chofer makes a strong point: using tables for a use other than delivering data isn't a best practice (although I hasten to add it's a practice I've reluctantly employed myself from time to time). I learned quite a bit about using <div>s at   Home Sweet Homepages without Tables ; try following the instructions there to create a home page that is responsive and accessible on multiple device types.