Taking Modules from Meh to Marvelous

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After building a course, remodeling it, and redesigning it again, it's time to look at the modules and see if they can be moved from MEH to Marvelous

First Version of Orientation Module

Here is the same module with an attempt at adding action verbs and separated by guiding questions. 

Current version

Update: [5-22 10:12]

After fussing with naming page mistakes, making sure all assignments are included (F2F, Hybrid and DL), this is tonight's version:

348472_Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 10.04.29 PM.png

Your Thoughts

The main challenge (as I currently view it), is attempting to build out a course that might be face to face, might be hybrid (F2F and online), or online only. Yes -- three options. We are being asked to prepare to change to the model the school board decides; however, the board might not decide until July. I cannot wait until July. That is not in my nature. 

This means, when you look at the module, does it flow for online only? Does it flow for the student who scans rather than reads? Is it chunked / separated?

The goal for each module is to set requirements and to match the 5E model (or HyperDocs variation of the 5E), improve the guiding questions (which currently don't show if a student pushes next).

What else would you change to improve the module?

Constraint: This is only an orientation module. It is not a content module (missing reading, assessments). The hope is to get students used to the module flow from day one of the course.