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Term Dates for 15 week and 8 week sessions.

Our university has 15 week sessions and 8 week sessions within each given term. We are trying to figure out the best method to use term dates so that students cannot participate in their 2nd 8 week courses until the course starts, but we want them to be able to see the course before the course officially begins. 

Right now, we do not publish any course (regardless of 15 week or 8 week format) until 3 days before the course begins. This is not an efficient method because we have had many problems with it in the past. What is the best way to use term and course dates and publishing to achieve this? (I can provide more information if needed).

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Community Champion

Hi Erik,

The method we found that works best for us in scenario's like this is to go into the course settings and setup the start and end date of the course as well as check the check box to where students can only participate between the two dates you have set here. This can be set manually or using a #canvas api‌.


Hi  @bneporadny ,

Thanks for the reply. I have thought about doing this, as an option. It would give us what we need, but then all 8 week course access would have to be managed manually. I will keep this in mind though!

Community Contributor

Hello  @erik_gustafson ‌,

In our scenario, we run 4, 7 and 14 week terms. We do provide access 5 days prior to the official start date (Read-only) using global term access.


We used to manipulate these at the course start/end dates level but it was a tedious process.

I hope it helps,