Test Student submission still there after Resetting Student View

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Hi, I am a learning designer using Student View to test out the functionality of a course I am building. I have made several submissions while in Student View (discussion posts etc.) and noticing that these submissions do not disappear after resetting Student View. I talked to the Help line and they informed me it is expected behavior. Is that true? It does not seem logical. 

We instruct our faculty to use Student View to test out their course design before releasing their students and this behavior with the Student View submissions living on regardless of resetting is unexpected (we are switching to Canvas from Blackboard.)

What further makes this difficult is that when a Test Student (or a "real" student) submission is deleted, the submission is marked as "deleted by XYZ instructor", so it seems really cumbersome to remove the traces of activity made while trying things out (duplicating and deleting the original activity is the only workaround I've found).

Is this really how this is designed? Are we perhaps missing a setting in the LMS?

Thanks for any insight!



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Community Coach

Hello @Rrez,

I agree that discussion posts from Student View should also be removed when resetting. I recommend submitting an idea. Once voting begins with ideas, we can vote to make this change.


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