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Test banks tied to course

Hi all,

I am a designer (not an instructor). I set up a course and a test bank for a course that had Kevin as an instructor in 2019. Now, Mark in the new instructor and I set up a new class for him and imported the course contents from the 2019 course. However, since Mark didn't teach the course in 2019, he wasn't able to edit the questions in the bank. It seems like the bank is tied directly to the 2019 class.

As a workaround, I gave Mark access as an instructor for the 2019 course, but I'm just wondering if I took the wrong strategy when setting up the quizzes, test banks and courses.  I'm also not sure if he is 'revising history' by changing the questions in a bank of questions that was already used. 

Any tips or advice for working with test banks that multiple courses and multiple instructors use over time? 


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