Tier 1 Support: Trying to understand role of the 'dedicated' Field Admin

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Hello all, Wondering if anyone can help...

With a Tier 1 account, we have 3 Field Admins (FA's).  1 of these FA's is set as our 'dedicated' FA.  

I tested our support by making some test cases and found that the first case was assigned to another of our FA's and not our dedicated FA.  I also found that sometimes our dedicated FA was BCC'ed into case emails, but sometimes not*.

*I am comparing like for like, for example, for one test case, our dedicated FA was BCC'ed into the Canvas Support receipt email, but for another ticket, the receipt email went only to the requestor (dedicated FA was not BCC'ed in).

I'd like to know what the implications are for setting a FA as the 'dedicated' FA in terms of getting assigned to cases and copied into emails please.

Thanks all.

P.S. I've consulted the guidance but have not come across a reference to the 'dedicated' FA nor BCC comms.  (The following page references CC comms only, for example: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Admin-Guide/What-are-the-different-case-roles-in-the-Field-Admin-... )

Any help or signposting much appreciated! Thank you : )

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Have you consulted your customer success manager or team?  Because we do not have insight into the details of your support contract or access to the support system you are employing our options for helping you here in the community are limited unfortunately.  My advice would be to contact the Customers Success and/or Support teams. 

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