To-Do List in a course.

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I would like to limit my to-do list in a course to only show upcoming events from the current date. Right now it appears that its grabbing the first 7 events in a four week timeframe when looking at it from the students eyes, but when looking at it from a teaching role, it only shows upcoming to-do items in the future. 

There wasn't a lot of documentation on the four week timeframe the to-do list would grab from. If it be four weeks prior to the date or four weeks after the date. 

I wanted to use a course as an informational course for employees to go to find materials provided from different groups/departments as well as upcoming events at the University.

The events that have passed do not need to be on the to-do list and only the events of the present/future.

Is there a way to change that setting in a course? 

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I think a feature idea for more control over both would be a good idea.

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