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Track whether students used desktop or mobile browser

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In Canvas LMS, is there a way to capture and report the type of device that the student/user logged in from? Can administrators track whether students logged in from their desktop browsers or mobile browsers? For example, does Canvas log the name of the browser using which the student accessed the system?

Thanks in advance.


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Community Coach

Good post Chris. This is what UCF uses to track web and mobile traffic. I have custom views setup to see type of device, mobile OS, etc. I have been asking for stats inside the mobile app for almost 2 years now. I hope this will eventually happen. Currently the mobile app is hidden from view in Google Analytics. :smileyconfused:

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Yes, it would be great to have the ability to see the stats on Mobile App use!

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Community Coach

Apparently there is a way that the mobile team can setup custom views in Google Analytics to share this data with each institution. We were asked last fall to send over attributes to be added to a custom view in GA for each institution. I was told that the Android app tracking was almost done, but I haven't heard anything since. Hopefully we can spin this up again with the mobile team and get our mobile app stats.

Here's the list:


Number of users (system wide)

Number of sessions

Average session duration



Operating system version

App version

Would be Nice:

Number of users (by course)

Average session duration (by individual user)

Screen size

Some kind of metric for engagement via mobile; # of assignments submitted via mobile, messages sent, discussions posted to, quizzes, etc

Logins by Day of Week

Logins by Hour

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I was wondering if we can connect because I am trying to add google analytics to our cloud instance to test it but unsure.

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Sorry for the late reply, I've been doing some vacationing :smileylaugh:  I'd be happy to help you. What were you thinking? A call or Google Hangout?

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Somehow it appears that reply to the email directly doesnt work.

Thanks for the reply. I dont use google nor do I have google accounts. Would a skype meeting be reasonable?


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Quick question. Did you just drop the Google Analytics embed code into the JS file, any old place, or did you wrap it in something?



Do you know if this report is available for self-hosted Canvas? Or only hosted Canvas?

Thank you!

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emily.moore, I'm sorry to say I don't know anything about what reports are available for self-hosted Canvas; let's ping the Canvas Developers​ group here to see if they can chime in.

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Inspired by this question,,, and a student's question in a course I decided to try out the page view API, the result is two versions of a program to get a user's own page view information, see Page view statistics: Chip sandbox . (Of course, an administrator could make a version that gets this data for any user or users.)

Since the data includes the user's "remote ip" (i.e., the IP network address that they used to for the access) and some mobile operators have network address translators using known address ranges, so it is possible to see which accesses are coming from a mobile network. As with any other IP address, this can reveal the user's geo-location, see for example:

Triukose S., Ardon S., Mahanti A., Seth A. (2012) Geolocating IP Addresses in Cellular Data Networks. In: Taft N., Ricciato F. (eds) Passive and Active Measurement. PAM 2012. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 7192. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg doi:

When trying this, I found that all of the entries were summerized, as opposed to the individual list of pages visited.