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Hi everyone,

I am wondering, after setting up a requirement, for example, 'mark as done' on specific pages, if I need to report on how many students have completed which pages, is there any data or a download available that shows how many students have marked each page as complete?

Thank you!

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@alex_papish Module requirements and prerequisites are good for structuring (and maybe scheduling) the order that students complete activities & assignments. It is not built for robust, summary reporting. There's a place to view module status for students one student at a time.

How do I use modules to view the progress of students in a course? 

You can infer that a student has marked all pages in a given module as done if the student has completed the module's requirements. Another indicator, if you require students to move through requirements in sequence, would be submission of assignments at the end modules to check student knowledge.

Of course, sometimes marking the pages done is the only real requirement teachers or designers intend. In that case, ending some or all modules with graded surveys or quizzes with very few questions (even just, "I read the pages" T/F) could help to provide visibility into student course progress via the gradebook.

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