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Good afternoon all,

Let's say our Canvas has a page at:

Within it is an html element to which I have given the id "Research&ManInfo"

S0, if I wish to point to this element within the url, I construct the following link:

This link will work providing I am already logged into Canvas, ie it goes to the page AND focusses on the element indicated by the hashref.

If I am not logged in to Canvas, however,  I have to go via the Canvas log in page, which then takes me to the page but NOT to the particular element indicated by the hash ref.


It seems that Canvas is (deliberately??) ignoring the hastag when I go through the log in page. Is this a security thing or is Canvas not capturing the full parameters of the request.


Can anyone help?


Thanks in advance.


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Google Chrome has this feature called "Link to Highlight". Highlight whatever text you want on the page and then right click. Select link to highlight and then paste the link. It's not as sophisticated as the method you are using, but it works pretty much universally and I've tested it in Canvas.

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Thanks, jbarr. Appreciated. However, I could not get this method to work when logged out of Canvas and having to go through log-in page.
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