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Unable to upload files or images

No matter the size or location I get an error message that says "Error: Unable to transmit file to the storage service. The service may be down or you may need to re-login to Canvas."

I checked the site that shows if anything is down and all is good there, and re-logging in doesn't change anything. This error has been showing up for the past week, and it is a new teacher account with no files uploaded yet. 

No response from Canvas Support email.

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Hello hjgg, when my teachers report this issue, I have them check their Files to see if they are exceeding the allot space. Solution has been to remove files that are not needed and it usually solves this issue.

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Like I mentioned I have no files uploaded thus far, it is a new account... so there are no files to delete or exceed the allot space.

Thank you for trying to help!