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Unpublish after student submission

Assignments that were never given a due date are suddenly on the grade book at the end of the year, causing panic among students.

I want to unpublish (hide) an assignment that doesn't apply to this term. Someone has already submitted so I can't hide it. I don't want students asking questions about it and getting their scores confused.

I could delete it, but I want to keep the content for future years.

How can I hide these assignments??

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You are correct that you can't unpublish and assignment if there is a submission.  I wonder if it might work to duplicate the assignment (unpublished) then delete the original or copy the assignment to a sandbox course for future use? 

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Hey @jhnnnnn,

There isn't a way to unpublish the assignment once students have submitted to it. However, you can hide the grades by following this guide: How do I hide or post assignment grades in SpeedGrader? . This will prevent students from seeing the scores until you are ready to post them.


Also for future reference, "when grading periods (terms) are enabled, the due date of the assignment determines the grading period where the assignment appears in the Gradebook. If no due date is set, the assignment defaults to the last grading period available for the course" -How do I use grading periods in a course? . If you add a due date to the assignment, it will keep it in the corresponding grading-period/term.