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(1) How do I connect to my university's OneDrive through Canvas?


(2) Failing (1) above, I want to create 22 individual folders in Assignments for the 22 enrolled students, and inside each individual folder I'd like to create 15 individual folders corresponding to the weeks in a semester.. This is straightforward in Box or OneDrve, but I don't se how to do it in Canvas.

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Hello @OscarSwan 

This might depend on if your school has installed the app integration for OneDrive accounts to be used inside of your Canvas course or account. Typically your schools admins will install the app integration for OneDrive in the account and you should be able to use OneDrive to share different files into Canvas. 

Do you know if they have installed an app integration for OneDrive? 

If they have installed the app integration, you might be able to enable OneDrive in the course navigation, from your course settings, which will allow you to easily access OneDrive and organize your files that are being used in Canvas. 


Hopefully this helps! 


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