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Hi!  I have unpublished assignments on my course so that I can use them each time I teach that class.  Even though they are unpublished and I have turned off or hidden unpublished assignments in my gradebook, they still show in the student's grade section.  I have logged on as one of my students and they are there with incorrect dates (because I have them unpublished) and it confuses them.  They think their course is not working correctly or they are missing something.  How can I fix this?  Thanks!

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Hi @LisaJantz ,

Eghads!! Unpublished assignments showing in Student view is not good at all 😳. Can you provide a screen shot of what you see in Student View and indicate which are the ones that are not supposed to show?

In the meantime, double check by going to your Syllabus and taking note of where those unpublished assignments are; you'll always be able to see everything. Switch to Student View again and see if those unpublished assignments are still showing up.

I just checked with my own course if my unpublished assignment as suddenly showing in Student View, just in case there was a glitch in Canvas. My unpublished assignment is ALSO in an UNPUBLISHED module. If you can move the unpublished assignments to an unpublished holding module, they will definitely NOT show for students. And then move them out of the holding module and publish them.

Hope this answer helps,
Cheers - Shar

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