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Before it seemed that we were able to publish/unpublished discussions as we can we assignments. Today (03/12) discovered not able to unpublished a discussion if feedback has been posted. Recommendation would be to allow faculty members to unpublished discussions. Sometimes Canvas courses are not solely for courses with students but also institutional based committees. Not everyone on a committee may be placed as an instructor role in order to keep the ability to modify limited (and limit confusion). One answer could be to delete the discussions. This may not always be an option as the information may be necessary for institutional review and accreditation. 

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Good morning, @rnead ...

To my knowledge, Discussion topics that have replies from your students cannot be unpublished.  So, I'm not sure where you would have seen anything that would let you do that.  In looking through Canvas documentation, I found this Guide: How do I publish or unpublish a discussion as an i... - Canvas Community.  Under the heading "Unpublish Discussion", there's the following:

Discussions with student submissions cannot be unpublished. The published icon for these discussions is lighter in color to indicate discussions that cannot be unpublished [2].

You also have a recommendation in your question.  This would be something that you'd want to submit as a Feature Idea here in the Community...so that others could rate it with a star rating and evaluate it in case it is something they would also like to see implemented by Instructure (the folks that make Canvas).  To start a new idea, click on the PRODUCT menu at the top of any page here in the Community, and then select IDEA CONVERSATIONS.  Then, click on the "Suggest and idea" button to get started.  Here are a few Guides to help you along the way:

I hope these resources will be of help to you.  Please let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care...be well.

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