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After I assign a quiz to my students, I always go through each student's quiz in 'Moderate' in order to give partial credit when it is deserved (and not coded into that question type).  It seems that the updated grades (let's say a 30/40 that is rescored as a 32/40) does not migrate to the gradebook/ 'Grades' (it stills says 30).  I do not want to manually retype every student's quiz every time before I sync to Infinite Campus. 

Any ideas on how to quickly rectify this issue?  

Thank you 🙂

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Hi @csteinberg 

The Moderate this Quiz function is not used for updating, correcting or editing student scores in a quiz. Moderation is used to control the ammount of time and numbers of attempts by student (and a couple other little things). SpeedGrader is the tool you use for grading.

I hope this helps,


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