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Updating Browser Requirements

When will Canvas update itself to be able to run on the new Firefox 107? Currently can't open canvas since I updated and I had to download a new browser to access my canvas login and do my college coursework. Would love to know when this will fixed!

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@KatieCurry ...

Whie I cannot speak for Instructure, I do see that Firefox 107 was release 11 days ago ... on November 15, 2022. I am sure that Instructure is well aware of the new version of Firefox, and when they complete their testing to ensure that Canvas is working well, they will update this Guide:

What are the browser and computer requirements for Instructure products?

Until then, you may want to continue using either Firefox 105 or 106...or even use Google Chrome for the time being ... which is also a good choice.

Hope this helps a bit.