Use saved what if scores only for ungraded assignments

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There are two issues with Canvas gradebook that mislead students in my courses.

1. The "drop n lowest scores" drops scores at all times. Generally, later quizzes have lower scores, so this tends to overstate scores. [Why don't gradebooks have a "keep highest N-n scores" option, given that in presence of uncertainty, one needs to use modal logic?]

2. When I set up "extra-credit" assignments, they affect the grade till the final exam grade is posted. This leads to endless questions of "how come not doing the extra-credit homework lowered my grade?" type.

Using the "what-if" grade feature can mitigate both these. But it is a pain to enter these after each quiz is graded. But using the saved what-if scores overwrites the newly posted actual grade. It will help if the students can mix the previously entered what-if scores, and the subsequently posted actual scores.

Is there any solution to this?

Thanks in advance for all help
Nath Rao

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